Mendeleev Group (JSC «Mendeleev Group») - Holding company with diversified assets in oil refining, production of plastic containers and other olymer products, export and domestic trading of oil products, high technologies in IT and multimedia.

One of the basic principle production assets of the holding is The Yaroslavl Mendeleyev Refinery, the oldest existing refinery in Russia. It was founded in 1879 and during the early years the great Russian scientist Dmitriy Mendeleev worked at the Refinery where he developed most of the ground breaking oil refining processes that are still used today at the foundation of the refining industry.

The holding company also includes:

    -Mendeleev Finance

    -Mendeleev IT

    -Mendeleev Media


The head office of the holding "Mendeleev Group" is located in Moscow. The company also has a European office in Geneva (Switzerland) - Mendeleev Group SA.


The Yaroslavl Mendeleev Refinery is the first refinery in Russia. Founded in 1879 by Victor Ragozin, where famous Russian scientist Dmitry Mendeleev worked. In 2014, the refinery was recognized as the best industrial enterprise of the Yaroslavl region.

Rusoil - Moscow is the high-technological complex in the central part of Russia, providing services for the oil storage, packaging and production of plastic packaging

GEOKOM is the company, provided oil and gas exploration in the Saratov region of the Russian Federation.

AS bitumen is the location and service station for loading and storage of bitumen, located nearby St.Petersburg

Mendeleev Group SA the Europian office specialized in export trading of petroleum products focusing on Europe and Asia.

Mendeleev Media produces media content, entertainment, films, TV series, animation, special effects, and focuses on production of digital technologies and software engineering.

Mendeleev Finance provides accounting and auditing services to corporate clients, as well as conducts personal finance and management consulting.

Mendeleev Group China a wholly owned foreign enterprise with primary focus on trading in the field of oil products, oil refinery engineering solutions, and M&A consulting in all areas of business between Russia and China.

Mendeleev IT specializes in IT solutions and distribution and servicing of IT-hardware and software.


Inheriting the best, we’re building the future!


  • Maintain the great traditions of the Russian scientific community 
  • Implementation of best global practices and innovative technologies 
  • Involvement of international experts and highly qualified human resources
  • Environmental and industrial safety 
  • Ensure competitiveness 
  • Economic development of the Yaroslavl region and Russia
  • Development of the fuel and energy infrastructure and the industrial complex of the Russian Federation
  • To create a nourishing environment for the development and realization of all company assets 


  • Sustainable Development of innovative new generation refineries
  • Modernization of the main production asset - Yaroslavl Mendeleev Refinery  
  • Improving logistics, communications, trading and sales processes
  • Compliance with environmental and occupational safety and implementation of cleaner production processes in the petrochemical industry
  • Integration of our production assets
  • New business development in the spheres of innovation, high technologies
  • Development in the field of multimedia, digital-technology, robotics and space technology



At the core of our corporate strategy is a philosophy of respect, ethics and morals. We try our best to preserve the best traditions of the Russian scientific community while introducing the world's best practices and innovative technologies, while paying close attention to environmental and industrial safety. In order to achieve our main goals we strive to develop an effective multi-holding company with all of our assets meeting necessary criteria as model enterprises for sustainable development. To achieve this goal we aim to attract world experts and highly qualified human resources to become integral members of our team.

The development strategy of holding "Mendeleev Group" involves upgrading one of the company's main production assets – the Yaroslavl Mendeleev Refinery including improvement of logistics, trading and sales processes, as well as increase of refining and depth capacity. While staying honest to our principle area of business in the field of oil and energy we have also branched out into new business development in the field of innovation, high technologies in IT and multimedia.

By the end of 2015 the fourth phase gradual modernization of the Yaroslavl Mendeleev Refinery will be completed. In parallel, we have been working jointly with world's leading companies in industrial engineering, such as UOP, a Honeywell Company, Foster Wheeler and the Northwest Production Company. Our main goal has been the development and design of the most sophisticated deep oil refining complex in the world. After several years of cooperation with our partners we have been able to achieve seemingly impossible results, which we believe will revolutionize the playing field in oil refining not just in Russia, but around the world as well. Our optimized technological scheme has been highly praised by leading experts in industrial engineering and aims to become our focal project from 2015 until 2019.


Board of Directors



JSC "MENDELEEV Group" was established in December, 2013 as a managing company on the basis of production assets of JSC "OilGasTrade"

In May, 2012 the company acquired controlling stock in the "Yaroslavl Mendeleev Refinery" and after 6 years of conservation the oldest oil refinery in Russia had found a second life. After carrying out the complex reconstruction activities in December, 2012 the refinery was put into operation with access to sustainable processing and break-even volume production.

In December, 2012 the holding company acquired all of the shares of CJSC "Rusoil-Moscow". Today the company is a high-tech industrial complex in the central part of Russia, which provides services for storage, packaging of oil products, as well as production of high-strength plastic packaging.

In the autumn of 2014 the first stage of modernization at Yaroslavl Mendeleev Refinery was finished. In the end of September, 2014 the atmospheric column was revamped which significantly increased production output up to 1 thousand 900 tons per day. If in 2013 the refinery processed 320 thousand tons of oil, now, after these improvements, the company has enough capacities to process 600,000 tons of raw materials.

One of the main challenges today is to increase the total processing of light materials up to 1 million tons per year and processing depth up to 89.9% with a significant improvement in product quality. Today the refinery is undergoing the final phase of modernization by installing a new vacuum column. Upon completion in April, 2015 the refinery will reach its aim of processing capacity of 1 million tons per year. All modernization and engineering work has been done by one of today's leading Russian Engineering Companies, the Northwest Production Company. As part of ongoing cooperation between Mendeleev Group and NPC, Mendeleev Group is planning to erect a brand new deep refining complex. The project is slated for 2015-2019 with refining capacity of up to 3 million tons a year and is based on an optimized configuration of UOP technology developed jointly with UOP, Northwest Production Company and Mendeleev Group.

In 2014 the Yaroslavl Mendeleev Refinery was recognized as the best industrial enterprise in the Yaroslavl region among other companies within the "Chemical and petrochemical industry".

In 2014 the oil exploration company "GEOKOM" was formed under the main umbrella of Mendeleev Group holding company. Work began on the Petropavlovsk geological study of the licensed area and the search for potentially promising targets for further drilling and identification of oil and gas fields.

In the end of 2014 "Mendeleev Media" and "Mendeleev Finance" were created.

Overall, 2014 was significant in terms of anniversaries for the holding "Mendeleev Group". In February, 2014 we celebrated 180-th anniversary since the birth of Dmitry Mendeleev, whose name is inextricably linked with the history and brand of the company. 80 years ago, 13 October 1934, in connection with the centenary of the birth of Dmitriy Mendeleev, the Konstantinovsky refinery was named after the great Russian scientist. In September, 2014 the Yaroslavl Mendeleev Refinery celebrated its 135th anniversary.

Our aim for 2015 is to continue our path of sustainable development, to produce high quality premium products, and to commence construction of the new deep oil refining complex.



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Mendeleev Group identifies 7 priority values, which are the basis for the corporate culture effective development.

1. People

The main value of our company is our employees. Everyone has the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

2. Professionalism and quality

We constantly strive to develop professionally as well as personally, to advance our knowledge and levels of experience.

3. Team approach

Unity and solidarity - every employee contributes to our common cause.

4. Focus on Achieving Best Results

We value our employees in striving to achieve best results.

5. Honesty and openness

Honesty makes our work effective. We value a transparent structure of communication and encourage open discourse among the colleagues.

6. Order, discipline and diligence

We achieve the clarity when we keep order. The proper order maintains discipline and avoids complications. We expect the diligence from each other and estimate it highly.

7. Efficiency and effectiveness

Every employee is focused on efficiency in performing their duties, and evaluates his contribution to the welfare of the holding in general.

TEAM.Why Mendeleev Group?

Mendeleev Group provides a lot of opportunities to employees for career development. Our team includes the qualified professionals with diverse international background. Our main focus areas are production, development and integration of new technological trends in the fields of oil refining, polymer production, export and domestic trading of oil products, high-tech IT and multimedia technologies.

Willingness and ability of our staff to work effectively, develop professionally and personally are the keys to the long-term success of the company. We pay serious attention to the advancement of our employees knowledge and skills in their respective fields. The company collaborates with leading Russian and leading international universities for the training of young specialists.

We welcome the specialists whose energy and expertise will contribute to achieving the ambitious goals of Mendeleev Group. If you wish to become a member of our professional team, you can fill out the candidate employee form and send your CV to HR department of our company.


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